It’s Not About The Ribbons…

but having said that, we’re happy we brought home lots of blue ones!!

This picture pretty much sums up Sarah’s weekend with Jag (Jaguar Key, ottb).  They just rocked every test they rode.   All their scores for the weekend were their highests yet, and their highest scoring ride was a solid 65.5%!!

Right behind Sarah in all 4 classes was Mary with Diamond (Ace of Diamonds, QH, lesson horse extraordinaire), even tying Sarah at the 65.5% and then coming in a close second only 1 point behind in the collective scores that broke the tie.  It was Mary’s first show, and she only rides Diamond once a week in her lessons, but she seems to have a natural talent for riding.  I’m very excited to see where she goes with this talent!

This pretty much sums it up for Sarah and Mary over the weekend:

Oh, did I mention Friday when we got there it was STILL raining, and had been for almost 2 weeks?  Yes, we rode in the 45 degree rainy weather, and the horses and riders were all troopers!  We set up our tack room with a snack station, complete with cookies, crackers, granola bars, and most importantly…. Hot chocolate!

Saturday morning it was just above freezing, and the arenas were wet.  Considering how much rain we had, it was amazing they weren’t completely under water, but they were soupy and featured many puddles.  While Jag and Diamond easily splashed through the puddles in their walk/trot tests, Kim had an additional challenge with Frankie.  It was her first time taking him to a show, and they were riding Training Level Test 1.  And the footing made Frankie nervous, so he would trot hesitantly on it, but flat out refused to maintain a canter on it.  Kim did a stellar job managing a nervous, less than cooperative horse, and still managed to get scores just under 60%.  But the scores were not the focus for them this weekend, the important goal for them was to get in the ring and keep him focused and obedient to make a positive learning experience out of it for Frankie.  Kim claims she was working very hard, but she rode him so tactfully it was not obvious in the least.  Even in the pictures, the pair looks stunning despite the effort!

Liam too was less than thrilled with the sloppy footing.  Like Frankie, he was willing to trot on it, but it was  a careful trot.  And the canter he would have preferred to skip.  Still, Liam made his First Level debut a success with a 63.3%!

Saturday night brought us the first frost of the year, and Sunday morning the footing was frozen solid.  Again, the horses were champs and everyone gave it their best efforts, despite frozen fingers and chattering teeth.  We shared another round of hot chocolate to celebrate another successful show, and packed up to go home for a hot shower.

6 thoughts on “It’s Not About The Ribbons…

  1. Congrats to Sarah & Jag on a super job! Also, great job to Mary and Diamond for the first show together!

    Liam really showed what he was made of during the 1st level test and a 63 score. Goes to show what good training can do!

  2. Yay to all of us but most of all our wonderful trainer, who deals with all of our issues (equine and human) with grace and apomb. I know I learned a lot from this experience – the conditions were challenging to say the least. Mary’s debut was extraordinary and Kim did a great job of managing Frank. And Liam is looking good, he managed to give good lengthenings despite the cruddy going on Saturday – the transitions were clear. I’m the lucky one, Jag did most of the work. Can’t wait for next year! 🙂

  3. First show or not, you all look so neat and professional in those pictures. Where did you get all of your equestrian apparel? Everything goes so well together, you look as though you’ve been doing it for years. I really think the presentation we create with our riding apparel makes a HUGE difference in the show ring.

  4. Thanks for the compliment! Most of the gear you see is second hand – from consignment shops or E-bay. Christy’s apparel is the exception – she actually planned her outfit. The rest of us are living, breathing proof that you don’t need to spend a fortune to look snazzy. Little things – such as good fit, dry cleaning, boot polish – go a long way. Kim replaced the ho-hum buttons on her coat with fancier ones – which really upgraded the look for not much $.

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