TB, TB, TB and QH at X

Some TBatX regulars are at the last show of the season this weekend. Frank, Liam, Jag and Diamond all headed to Wisconsin this morning, followed by a convoy of their riders – Christy, Kim, Mary and me (Sarah.) The trip was uneventful. These four are happy to go where there’s hay.

As we were getting settled, however, the skies opened. Christy, in no uncertain terms, made it clear that a little bit of rain (okay, a lot actually) wasn’t going to stop us from riding. Gloomily, we watched the rain fall from inside our snug little tack stall, and then started tacking up. Jag and I lucked out, because the rain abated while we were schooling, and he soon settled down, splashing though the puddles with no problem. I’ll have to check is race record to see if he ever won in the mud! As I was putting Jag away, the others tacked up. Christy and Mary took Liam and Diamond to the schooling ring together, and showed us again why we think they’d make a great pair for pas de deux.

Unfortunately, the skies opened up, and Kim, Christy and Mary had to endure a long schooling session in the rain. Admirably,everyone – horses and riders alike – remained on task and looked fantastic.

We ended up having a fun day, and we’re optimistic about our chances this weekend. Wish us luck!


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