Remy’s First Show of the Season

I took Remy on a little field trip to a nearby barn, Paddock Hills, today for a schooling show, our first trip away from home in 2 years!! The show was fabulous, and I was really proud of Remy! He had a few little excessively exuberant moments (someone actually suggested I wear my parachute if I was going to try to ride him… lol) but he settled quite nicely and gave me an honest effort in the tests (first 2 and first 3). They were a little tense, and had tension related errors (flying change in the counter canter, broke into canter during trot lengthening, etc) but to his credit, nothing naughty. We ended up with a great mix of scores from 4 to 8, and final scores of 59.5% and 64.5%. I schooled him a little more after the tests and he did finally completely relax and give me some great work, so I’m feeling optimistic that if I can get him out more we’ll be able to overcome the tension. He tries so hard for me, I couldn’t be happier with the progress he made today!