Happy Birthday Remy

It’s Remy’s birthday! He’s 8 now, all grown up! Ok, so that’s not really such a big deal, he appreciates the extra cookies but beyond that he has no idea it’s a day unlike any other. But as I contemplate which of his pictures to post with wishes for a happy birthday and wonderful year, it takes me down memory lane.  I remember him as an awkward 4 year old named Mr. Painter, failed at the track, and so gangly long-legged and skinny necked that no one wanted him.  But even then, there was a mature wisdom in his eyes, a loving, caring soul that, despite his lack of racing-skill, had never known unkind treatment. He was as innocent as babies could be, and yet even as a young horse, well-traveled and worldly from his beginnings as a racehorse. And now I look at him, even taller than he was then but also starting to fill out and look more mature. He takes such good care of me and of Liam, with his gentle strength, his goofiness and his wisdom, he’s both the baby and babysitter. He has a kindness and a desire to please that’s hard to come by, coupled with a graceful way of moving and that athleticism and desire to perform that comes bubbling out of the generous thoroughbred heart. He’s an incredible horse.

How did I get so lucky? Not only is he such a great partner to me, but he’s such a great brother to Liam. They complement each other so well, and sometimes I swear they are working together to teach me things and make me a better rider. Remy’s the ultimate professor, the school master, the best trainer I’ve ever had. He’s so much more demanding than Liam is, he’s taken me to another level. And each time I think maybe we’ve gone as far as we can go, he’s revealed to me another available level. Our communication becomes more refined, more subtle. The work becomes more beautiful and more effortless. I’ve given up trying to decide what to do with him, and now I’m just on a journey, day to day, enjoying all he has to offer me, letting him lead the way.

What are the boys planning now?

I’m pretty sure there is some sort of plan. I have ideas of course. I’m hoping to get him out this year and work towards some big goals. But I always get the feeling with him that he has some goals of his own too.

Well, happy birthday Remy! Hope it’s a wonderful year full of much happiness and success, fun times and learning, and standing around grazing in the sun.

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Remy

  1. Indeed, Happy Birthday, Remy! My “Huey” (Echo Dancer–Eastern Echo x Cherry Lady x Bold Lad) will be 20 the end of this week. He too has been an incredible experience for me since I bought him at age four. Also big heart, good teacher, kind fellow. Great pictures and just think. Even though you’ve come a long way, your journey with Remy is still “just beginning.” Every day is a new adventure. Keep blogging!

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