Bonding Time

After another night of working in single digit temperatures, I was ready to forget it all and move somewhere warm, until Remy reminded me that it’s the little things that make my job so fun and rewarding. I’ve never known another horse that appreciates scratches as much as Remy!

After a few minutes of scratching his neck and chin, he had me thoroughly entertained and full of wonder.  These amazing creatures weigh 10 times what we do and choose to allow us to care for them. It’s incredible when you think about it, the friendship that we can have with them. I remembered how lucky I am to have the love of my horses!

It’s been a hard winter for all of us, but take a moment to just enjoy being with your horse, and thank him for hanging in there through all this horrible weather as well. We will make it to spring… eventually!!

Hope these make you smile too! I don’t know how anyone could look at his goofy faces and not smile 🙂

“Yeah, that’s the spot…”

“Now a little lower…”

“And more to the left…”

“Ok, now a little higher please…”

“Yeah, that’s the spot… on my neck more now…”

“Oh yeah, right there…”

“Thanks mom!”