Liam Gets Lumpy

Another cold day. The boys had some arena play time, then got dewormed, then got a warm soupy beet pulp mash. It was a short day but still enjoyable despite the awful cold. I was all ready to leave when I suddenly wanted to check under Liam’s blanket to make sure he wasn’t losing weight in the cold. And guess what I found! A very lumpy pony…

The vet says he’s allergic to Strongid, even though he’s had it before without a problem. I gave him banamine and dex, and he should be good as new in the morning. Call it paranoia or a mother’s intuition, but that’s some proof you should always listen to that nagging feeling that wants you to check under the blanket!

I left the barn feeling as ok as is possible when your horse is covered in bumps. The vet said she’s seen other horses react to Strongid by breaking out in hives, that he’d be fine, and just not to give it to him again. But then I posted the experience on Facebook, and in the ensuing comments, someone mentioned another horse that had reacted oddly to dewormer and ended up having neck thread worms. So I looked them up… and oh dear!!

I know Dr. Google is so dangerous, but it actually sounds like something Liam could have! He does react to what I assumed was bug bites, but not all the time. And last summer he all of the sudden had bunches of weeping sores in his mane and on his neck that looked like tick bites, but no ticks… and then they went away on their own just as quickly. At the time, I didn’t even consider that they could have been caused by anything besides a biting insect so I have no idea if I had dewormed with Ivermectin a few days before…. Then there’s his poor eyes that swell up for seemingly no reason a few times each summer, vets have always said either he has an allergy or is just sensitive to insects, so he wears his fly mask from spring til fall.  So maybe he really is just very sensitive, but it also sounds like these are all indications that he may have neck thread worms. So more research is needed before I get TOO paranoid…  Anyone have any experience?


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