Winter Inspiration

Well, the cold has come early this year. Of course, I’d probably think that no matter when it came, but as it is, it’s only early December and we’re seeing single digits already. So as I was putting on my layers, trying to dredge up the motivation to ride, I decided I needed something inspirational to keep me focused on what I’m working towards and where I want to be when spring finally comes. Of course, I have many goals, but I’m talking about my first priority goal. That’s to get my bronze medal.

Lots of things need to fall into place for it of course, so I’m trying hard to be patient. But I have Remy doing the tests I need, Austin’s trot work is close and he just needs a lot of work on the canter still then he can be my back-up pony, and Liam keeps chugging along giving me whatever he can on a given day, which some days is 4th level + movements, and other days feels like first level. Poor old boy doesn’t like this changing weather any more than I do, but we keep him in good spirits never asking more than he can offer, and letting him share his knowledge in lessons where he beams with pride when his excited rider expresses her joy after an effortless leg-yield. I know I’ll also need the finances to come together to actually get to the shows. And I’ll need my horsey-health and soundness luck to continue, and my own as well!  But it does feel like I’m on track, which is a great feeling!

Now the most challenging piece will be keeping myself working steadily and keeping the horses progressing through the cold, dark winter ahead. I’ve already told myself, even if progress is slower that is acceptable. But I will not, cannot slip backwards if there’s any way I can help it!

So I made my own motivational picture, to look at and remember what I’m working towards and what I want to be able to do come spring time! So far, it’s working, so I thought I’d share. Feel free to grab it if you want, but it might be more powerful to make your own!  As for me, time to go ride! 🙂

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