Remy’s Most Recent Work (videos)

I LOVE getting video of my rides, because I learn so much from them. I will confess, I go home and watch them backwards and forwards and in slow motion, noticing every little mistake that I make, every time I hunch my shoulders (my favorite bad habit), or sit crooked. But, on the plus side, after I’ve finished nit-picking and criticizing my every move, I will usually start to notice the progress we’ve made, and how good my horse looks (despite me, of course! lol). And I also make a little mental list of things I want to try to do better, which can include anything from movements or exercises to work on, to different ways of using my body/aids, to altering the balance of my saddle with different pads or changing my stirrup length. It’s also been a great way for developing my eye, which as a trainer is SUPER helpful (for example, I recently did video before and after shortening my stirrup a single hole… WOW what a difference that made in the way I used my whole body!). Video, even with mistakes, is also such a great way to see progress over time, and to help us appreciate how far we (with our horses) have come. I encourage video as a tool for all my students too, even if most of it will never get shared on the web!

So, now that I’ve talked myself into sharing, here it is. Unedited. My ride on Remy yesterday:

[youtube–ntaJ6A] [youtube] [youtube] [youtube] [youtube]

And just for fun, the best part of video… getting to capture JUST the right frame into a picture 🙂

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