Jumping Fun

Well, spring must be in the air! All my eventer friends on Facebook are posting pictures of their first events of the spring, and I got inspired! My friend Eric and I decided to set up some jumps and have some fun, despite the fact that it’s been 40 and rainy all week, that miserable cold, damp weather that leaves all of us feeling gloomy and keeps the horses cooped up in their stalls.

I had a nice jump ride on Austin, we were easily cantering a 2 ft vertical, and I felt like my jumping leg was coming back. So I got brave and gave a cross rail a try on Remy. Here’s what I got:

Although I somehow managed to stay in the saddle and look half way decent doing it, I decided that I would rather stick to jumping Austin (who is not as much of an over-achiever) and I let Eric take over Remy. They warmed up over a small fence and got about the same jump that I had:

Then the jumps got bigger and bigger…

Until Remy was happily cantering over a 2’9″ oxer, which he showed was STILL no match for his jumping talent, as he got his knees up over the top of the 4’9″ standards!

Thank goodness for friends like Eric who like BIG jumps!!! I know Remy loved it!

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