Trail Therapy

Over the weekend we had our first really beautiful spring day. It was around 60 and mostly sunny, so I met up with some friends at a local forest preserve for the first real trail ride of the year. It was amazing, the sun felt warm and the trail seemed to go on forever. I had decided to take Austin for the first time, hoping that he was as good of a trail horse as his previous owner had told me.

I think my smile says it all. He trailered quietly, stood tied to the trailer without a fuss, and then proceeded down the trail like a pro. He lead, he followed, he cantered with the group as relaxed as could be, he splashed through some water, he went through a tunnel under a highway, and he walked quietly past people walking dogs and bicyclists sharing the trail with us. I couldn’t have been happier with him. There is nothing as therapeutic as a relaxing ride, enjoying the fresh air and company of good friends.  Finally, spring is here!


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