Liam Learning 2 Tempi’s

For so long now, people that know Liam have been saying he’s the little horse that could. Every time we think he’s reached the limits of what he’ll be able to do, he goes and proves us all wrong. Well, he’s at it again. A month away from his 18th birthday, 10 years off the track, 12 years after a condylar fracture that left him with 2 pins in his fetlock, here he is starting to work on 2 tempi changes!

5 thoughts on “Liam Learning 2 Tempi’s

  1. When some hoity-toity FEI rider/trainer disses OTTBs as upper level dressage horses, I always tell them there are a LOT of horses of MANY breeds (and backgrounds) that are doing upper level because NO ONE TOLD THEM they couldn’t do it. Go, Liam!!

    • I’m with you there! OTTB’s are such great horses, they have huge hearts and great work ethics, there’s no stopping them! I wish more people would notice!

  2. That’s awesome! My old OTTB hunter had a BEAUTIFUL counter canter and tempi changes. He was small and rather unassuming but that always impressed people. He was extremely trainable. Great job with Liam!

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