Snow Ponies

Winter can be tough where we are. The temperature can drop to brutally cold, and other times even when the air temperature isn’t so bad, the wind chill can be absolutely unbearable. And when neither of those factors makes us miserable, snow can mess up the roads and make it hard to even get to the barn. This winter we’ve been pretty lucky temperature-wise, but it’s made for a lot of “wintery mix” falling, that slushy half snow/half rain/sleet/ice mixture that not only makes driving dangerous, but also makes turning horses out quite risky. The last few weeks we’ve had too much, and I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m ready for spring!!!!

On the plus side, we are so fortunate to have a nice indoor arena to work in, and to turn the horses out in when the footing is too slick outside. And besides a couple of nasty days, we’ve really been pretty lucky with the weather this year and have kept the horses working pretty consistently until just the last few weeks. And, in between all the ugly weather, we did get one beautiful snowfall, the kind that leaves everything covered in a layer of crisp, clean white. And that day, I was able to put aside my impatience with winter to take a few moments to see the beauty and peacefulness of the fresh snow. Those moments of appreciation of the beauty of nature inspired me to pick up my camera and take “pretty” pictures, an old hobby of mine that has lately been replaced with “informative” picture-taking, using photography to document progress or convey a message.  So here it is, the beauty of winter, and the beauty of horses, combined on one beautiful day:

Ok, now can it please be spring?

3 thoughts on “Snow Ponies

  1. I hear you about spring! I don’t mind snow or “the wintry mix” if I don’t have to DO anything in it, but I work part-time and that involves a 10-mile trip on those slick roads and, I’m sorry, but people here do NOT know how to drive when there was water running across the roads (every dirt road becomes a creek bed) and the theory behind “hydroplaning.” They also do not understand “black ice.” Of course, we live in the Mojave Desert and we mostly have pleasant days (lots of wind, but on a hot day, that’s a good thing). Your pictures are gorgeous, btw. Square halt all by him/herself. ;o)

  2. I hear you on being impatient for Spring! The shedding and constantly cold temperatures is driving me nuts!

    That first picture you posted is gorgeous!

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