Little Remy Growing Up

All of the sudden last week, Remy felt different. For the longest time, he was very physically demanding for me to ride, it took constant half halts to hold him together. Then, last week, it felt like I half halted, he gathered himself up, and then he just basically stayed there and carried himself. It was the best feeling, and made my job as a rider SO much easier. I think we’ve crossed into the next level in the strength department.

Since that ride, I have not been disappointed, so yesterday I tried a few patterns made up of test-parts. I focused on the trot work from second level tests 1 &2.

Here’s the video from yesterday…

It starts with shoulder-in left, turn left E-B, turn right, shoulder-in right, which is from 2nd-1

Then I do haunches-in right, half a 10m circle right E-x, half a 10m circle left X-B, haunches-in left which is from 2nd-2 (it’s the first time I’ve done this with Remy too)

After I alternate those two patterns a few times, I do a few steps of shoulder-in to a little half pass each way.

It felt great, and I’m pretty happy with how it looks too! Remy sure is growing up nice, I’m so proud of him!

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