Little Things

Winter finally came to Chicago. We started the new year with temperatures in the 50’s, which is unheard of for this area, but two days ago we got about 4 inches of snow, and today the high was in the upper teens. I pulled out my long underwear and dressed in layers, determined to keep myself warm so I could enjoy my time at the barn.

It worked! I taught a lesson then had a great ride on Remy, and after a few hours in the barn, I was still comfortable. My favorite addition to my winter wardrobe this year is my new Smartwool socks. I have all sorts of warm socks, the kind meant for skiing and whatnot, and I have winter riding boots (Ariat Bromont’s – love them!!!) but these Smartwool socks are the best socks I’ve ever worn. Really. My toes are always cold in the winter, but these socks not only keep my feet warm, they also keep my feet dry, which makes a huge difference!

I also got the boys a new pair of Dressage Sport Boots.  I usually get the less expensive boots, but the fleece had worn off of those in patches and they started leaving rub marks on the horses’ legs, so I’ve only been using polos lately.  Today I really appreciated the quick on/off of the new boots. The boots didn’t rub Remy’s legs, and the back boots stayed where I put them! The old ones always slid down a few inches by the end of our ride.

After I got Remy put away, I was so happy to see that Liam was still turned out, and he wasn’t pacing the fence or getting anxious to come in. I left him outside to enjoy the sunshine and have a day off. After many months of coming in early because he got upset if he was outside for too long, it must be so nice for him to have relaxing days off. I’m so glad that the MagRestore worked as well as it did for him!

So I left the barn thinking how nice of a day it had been, even though the cold has finally come, and that it was the little things that made the day. Warm socks, new boots, and happy horses. It doesn’t get much better than that!