Winter Inspiration

I read the new Equestrian Magazine online this morning at and it was really cool! I often don’t find much of interest in the magazine, but this time the George Morris article was very good and I really enjoyed listening to the audio (I wish I could save those audio files for when I need a motivational speech!), and I watched a little bit of the Saddlebred movie clip and decided it’s freaky but probably where dressage is headed lol, but the best part was the article about Boyd Martin and his horrible barn fire and then how he rebuilt… I didn’t realize, but he has 4 horses qualified for the 2012 Olympics!! After losing more than half his horses in a fire! Talk about an amazing comeback. I am so inspired! Of course I’m maybe a bit partial because I’m a big fan of Silva (and Sea Lord).  They just seem like such cool people. Anyways, great issue this time, wanted to share!

(My guess is that link will only be good for another month or so, but if anyone is looking for this issue in the future, it’s the Dec 2011/Jan 2012 issue)

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