Happy New Year!

What a wonderful way to begin the new year! I spent the day at the barn and had a great ride on Liam, who is feeling great after having his hocks injected last week. My new saddle finally came right before Christmas, and Liam showed me unequivocally that he is feeling good.

I’m pretty sure he’s determined to keep up with Remy and make me have to think long and hard about which horse to take before entering any shows. Remy is not doing too bad himself:

I couldn’t be more pleased with either horse, and I’m so excited to continue working to make both of them stronger and more supple, more balanced and lighter to my aids.

My goals for this year are, among other things, to do a better job keeping up with my blog and recording the horses’ progress, as well as sharing more exercises and techniques that I find to work well. I’m also going to try to do more shows this year, and I’d like to do more showing with my team of horses and riders as well.  I’d also like to continue to work on making my seat better and better, being able to communicate with my horses with more and more subtle aids, and I’m still continuing my study of the biomechanics of dressage and working to find better ways to communicate ideas to help my riders to put theory into practice. Nothing thrills me more than when I can see an instant improvement in the way one of them is sitting or riding a movement, and I want to continue to build not only my own understanding of how each body part coordinates to create specific positions, but also to find images and explanations that help riders put that understanding into action.  I also love watching horses transform, and I hope I can help to perpetuate the awareness that dressage can improve any horse, is good for every horse, and beneficial for every rider.

I’m also finding that the partnership between horse and rider is very important to me, and perhaps the reason that I continue to work with horses that at first appear ill-suited to dressage, but also perhaps the reason that I can find some success with them anyways.  I’d like to find ways to further explore, develop, and share the special relationship that is possible with a horse.

Lots of goals, but a whole year to work on them… should be fun!

Happy New Year!

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