Trotting Bigger and Bigger

Just a quick update to share a fun video. Remy is continuing to get stronger, and is finding the dressage thing natural and easy. Yesterday we were doing big trot-little trot transitions, making the big trot bigger and bigger.  Sarah captured a pretty fun video. I love the trot at the end, but I also think it’s interesting watching the gait change from the beginning to the end. At the end I had a different trot than I’ve ever had before, and I think this video captures the process really well. You can see many half halts and times where I go back to a smaller trot and try again, and you can see where he gets a few good steps but then loses balance and comes above the bit or breaks into a canter. But then he starts figuring it out, and he stays through and connected as he starts to push more from behind. As he figures out that balance, the trot gets bigger and bigger, and he is able to maintain it longer and longer. What a cool feeling!