A New Look

Well, it was time for a change. I’ve updated the look of the blog, and I’ve added an additional blog at http://rettgerdressage.wordpress.com so that I can keep this blog focused on training techniques and the progress I’m making with my horses, and the new blog will be less frequently updated but will focus on my students, their horses, and things going on at the barn.  The new site isn’t done yet, but I have a pretty good start on it. Don’t worry, nothing else has changed, and I plan on getting back to more frequent blogging here in the near future.

The past few weeks have been tough at the barn. The heat and humidity have been relentless, making riding well a challenge.  Besides taking plenty of breaks and drinking extra water, I’ve also been sporting a new look at the barn. Grudgingly at first, I will admit. But I have now been fully converted to the comfort-before-beauty camp, and in my new gear I am much more comfortable dealing with this weather.  Tonight I ran out to the barn late in the evening after our heat advisory expired, right as a thunder storm was rolling in (again!) and the temperature was at its coolest (which was still way too hot). I managed a quick ride on Remy in a lull between storms, and though we didn’t do too much, I feel like things are really falling into place for us lately. Here we are, sporting a new highly ventilated Ovation helmet and some new super lightweight Irideon tights:

Ok, so it’s not much… but in this heat just getting in the saddle is the big success sometimes!  Having the right clothing really does make all the difference, and even doing lighter rides, I’ve been working on some really good stuff lately, so there will be more coming soon.

4 thoughts on “A New Look

  1. Haha! The new helmet makes a photo appearance at last. At least it’s a bit cooler today! We’ll be wishing for this heat in another 3-4 months…sadly.

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