Massage Day

My horses are athletes, they work hard and they play hard.  They use their muscles, and they can get tight and sore if special attention isn’t given to keep them feeling good. Stretching in the warm up and cool down of each ride helps, as well as varying the frame the horse is ridden in and mixing up the work the horse is doing. For a little extra special treatment, nothing beats the feel-good and therapeutic effects of a massage.

Massage therapist Bonnie Gerdes spent the day at Silver Fern Stables and worked on a bunch of horses, including Liam and Remy.  I’ll let the boys tell the story.

Liam “I’m not sure who you are or what you’re doing, so I’m keeping a close eye on you!!”

Liam “Ok, maybe I’m relaxing and enjoying it a little bit after all!”

Liam “Ok, maybe that actually feels REALLY good, here I can stretch and help you get just the right spot….”

Remy “This is pretty awesome. Here, let me help… a little lower and to the left now please…”

Remy “Oh yeah, that got it!”

Remy “Oh, that’s a good spot too! Here, I can lean in and help you get it. Yeah, that’s good…”

Needless to say, the boys approved of Bonnie’s work and were delighted to hear that we’ll be having her back regularly.

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