Practice Makes Progress

Ever since Remy got his new saddle and new shoes, we have been chugging away. He’s been working 5-6 days a week for about a month now, with a focus on building fitness, strength, stamina, and suppleness. We have been building up the amount of trot work he can do, and doing leg yields and shoulder-in just a few steps at a time. I’ve started getting a better half halt in the trot, and his trot is getting more adjustable. The canter is coming along, but he still wants to run in the transition into canter. At this point, I think it is more a strength thing than anything else, so I’m slowly building up the amount of cantering we do and being more demanding about him stretching into the contact in the canter. It’s been hard work, but it’s coming.

Over the weekend, Sarah took some videos for me so I could see where we are at. Oh WOW. Can I just say again that I love this horse?? He is so pretty! And I’m so proud of him! He really looks like he’s starting to get this dressage thing! Suddenly all those exhausting green horse rides are so totally worth it, as I sit here watching what he is blossoming into and dreaming about how he will look when he’s all muscled up and filled out. I think he will be just absolutely stunning, but I know I am slightly biased.  To me, that has to be one of the best parts about dressage, and especially when starting with an awkward young horse… the change is just unbelievable.

Trot work:

Cantering around:

(As a side note, if anyone has been thinking about blogging, keeping track of progress like this and being able to look back at what it looked like just a few months ago is SO motivating!  I highly recommend it!)


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