Secret Recipe Revealed

My boyfriend may not appreciate my cooking, but my horses do! Remy gets a freshly made hot mash every day since he needs to gain some weight still, and Liam gets a smaller mash a little less frequently because he enjoys it and I like knowing he got all the extra water in his system on these cold winter days.

Usually I make Liam’s mash with just some soaked alfalfa cubes with a few carrot pieces mixed in.  Remy’s mash is more complicated, and fills a big bucket.  He gets a full scoop of beet pulp shreds, and 1.5-2 scoops of alfalfa cubes (the big cubes are hard to scoop, and they fill the scoop oddly, so I approximate) in his big green bucket. I fill the bucket the rest of the way with hot water and let it soak, usually for about 6 hours. Then I mix it with my hands to break up any alfalfa cubes that are still chunky, and then I mix in some carrot pieces or his favorite apple cookies. I top it off with a cup of a fat supplement (made from the healthy fats of flax seed and rice bran, among other things) mixed into the top inch or so of the mash, since the supplement seems to dissolve in the hot water and remain in the bottom of the bucket if I add it when I start soaking the alfalfa cubes and beet pulp.  After I serve it, a satisfied Remy slurps it for quite some time, somehow getting it all over his face in the process.

The secret recipe seems to be working. Since Remy arrived at my barn, he has been steadily gaining weight and is looking much better lately! He is also getting plenty of really good quality hay and consistent work, which also help.

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