I Have My Pony Back

Just a quick update to say… I have my pony back!!! Liam recently had his fetlock, hocks, and stifles injected, and what a difference it has made for him! No more fussy, resistant, poky, refusing pony. The first couple days back to work, he was defensive, anticipating pain I think, and worked cautiously, wanting to resist, but willing to try and discovering that he could move pain free.  Now he is completely back to normal,  sassy and full of himself, full of enthusiasm, ready to work! I love this horse, he makes the work seem like play, he is so enthusiastic. He has so much energy, and so much desire to please and to perform, he is just a joy to ride. I’m so glad he’s feeling better, and I’m so grateful to my vet Dr. Nicky Wessel for seeing what he needed and taking care of him! There is no feeling in the world like sitting on top of a sound, healthy thoroughbred, powered up and ready to go, and yet so controlled by the subtlest of aids.  He’s an amazing athlete, and a wonderful partner, and he totally made my day today 🙂


2 thoughts on “I Have My Pony Back

  1. It was great to see Liam acting like his old self. He’s so enthusiastic and clearly loves working. He would have gone on forever if you had let him! And I couldn’t believe how nice his canter looked despite the amount of time he’s had off.

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