The Boys

Liam and Remy are both doing well, and keeping me busy now that I’m riding both of them daily! Liam had his ankle injected last week, and it’s made a HUGE difference for him.  He’s moving out so much nicer, and is giving me good quality work and very good effort at the more difficult work.  He had about three weeks off due to ankle troubles, but he hasn’t lost anything but some fitness.  His third day back to work we practiced canter transitions (and our left lead challenges are gone! phew!) from the trot and walk, and combinations of leg yields and shoulder-ins. I worked myself in sitting trot for most of the ride. I’ll have to get a new video of him soon.

Remy and I are still trotting around, working at getting him to use himself better, reach into the bit consistently, bend through corners, etc.  I am getting moments that feel fantastic, but his neck still feels a little stuck where it is… although his current carriage is an improvement from his giraffe imitation!  I’m sure some of this will take care of itself as he builds the necessary muscle to balance his body as he allows me to move his neck around more.  His trot is getting more rhythmic, the steering is going really well, and he’s understanding his job and stays very focused whether we are alone or in a busy arena.

Here’s a little clip of Remy and me trotting around the other night:

And here’s me and my boys:


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