In Reality

As many of you know, when I purchased Cava my goal was to work my way up the levels towards my USDF medals.  She was perfect, fancy and talented, and yet sane and sensible.  It didn’t take her long to get the basics down and start schooling lateral work.  As she gained strength, new movements came easily to her. I was thrilled to have such a nice prospect.  As time went on, it became more and more obvious that I had a VERY nice horse on my hands.

On the other hand, it also became more and more obvious that showing is not a luxury I can afford.  After being unable to show her last year, I offered her for sale in the spring. I had her listed for a little bit, and had lots of interest in her, but then she made another leap forward in her dressage work and I took down all her ads. I wanted to show this horse myself! I kept trying to find ways to free up the money, and thinking if I was just a little more patient I’d figure it out.  But now another show season has gone by, and I still haven’t been able to compete her.  Unfortunately, I’m facing the reality that being in this business requires a few sacrifices, and now is the time for me to focus on my business so that next time I have a really nice horse I will be in a position to work towards my own competition goals.  This is very disappointing for me to really come to terms with, but it’s the reality of staying in business as a young horse trainer in a bad economy.

The upside is that someone is going to get a fantastic horse with lots of training that’s ready to go be a star, and for myself, I still have my Liam, the ottb that started it all! I’ll also have the opportunity to start a new young horse, and have fresh stories to blog about!

So, sadly offered for sale is one gorgeous little mare, ready to make someone a star!  She’d be a fun horse for an amateur, with some serious upper level potential! More info is available at


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