Ride a Test Workshop

In preparation for the rapidly approaching first show of the year, we had a Ride a Test Workshop last weekend at Silver Fern.  Everyone came out bright and early and took turns riding tests, reading tests, and judging tests.  It was a very fun day, and I think helped everyone’s confidence to have ridden the tests in front of a crowd, without the pressure of being in an actual show.  Everyone got good feedback from their “panel of judges”, and got comfortable reading tests.  Judging other riders’ tests helped everyone to become familiar with the things the judge is looking for, providing insight into how to ride the best test possible.  Of course there were a few “bloopers” as well, which was great because we were able to talk about how to handle some of the different situations that can come up in an actual show ring.  Then we followed the rides with a potluck picnic lunch while we went over all the details about showing.

So here they are… the 2010 Rettger Dressage Show Team!


3 thoughts on “Ride a Test Workshop

  1. Looks like a lot of fun! Wish I had known about it I would have come out to watch.

    This is too funny….as I have a Ride A Test Clinic with Elizabeth Poulin on our schedule of events for mid-October here at Paddock Hills. I will send you the details as soon as I have eveything firmed up. Best, Lisa

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