A Horse for Linda

Linda was on the search for a special horse.  She wanted something cute, but more importantly, something she could enjoy.  She said she preferred geldings to mares, and it had to be friendly and enjoy lots of spoiling.  It also had to be safe, sane, and sound, with at least solid basic training.  She wanted to be able to ride western or english, on the trails or in the arena.  Oh, and it might be fun to try a show at some point…

So the search was on for the perfect horse.  When I took her to see Clyde, I think it was love at first sight.  She thought he was cute, with his big expressive brown eyes.  He’s a bay paint, but the only markings on his body are roan patches instead of the usual white paint markings.  But with his four white legs and thick blaze, he has plenty of chrome to get him noticed on the trail or in the show ring.  She was a little unsure getting on him for the test ride, but it was only a few minutes before she was just glowing with excitement.  He was perfect.  He would speed up, slow down, turn, and stop easily as she rode him around the ring.  As I watched him pass test 1 with flying colors, I arranged for test 2, and as the gate was opened and Linda rode him around the barn to the outdoor arena, my confidence in the match grew.  Then they went out the gate at the back of the property and disappeared for a short trail ride.  When Linda returned, riding Clyde in the lead, her wide smile made it clear to all of us… she had found her perfect horse.  The only thing that remained was the vet check.   With great anticipation, a date was set and we eagerly awaited the results.  Of course he passed, and with flying colors.  Linda had herself a horse!


Since he moved in at Silver Fern, he has been as good as we could have hoped.  From the first day he stepped off the trailer, he has been on his best behavior.   The only downfall to having such a great horse?  Having to share him.  Linda has been trying to get rides on her new baby in between her two daughters riding, as well as her grand-daughter!  Clyde, of course, is more than happy to be adored by so many women.


2 thoughts on “A Horse for Linda

  1. We can not thank you enough Christy for bringing Clyde into our lives. We never would have found him if it werent for you! Thanks again!!

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