Cookie Monster

It’s a week for funny horse videos I guess.  Tonight Liam stars.  He was hanging out in the aisle with Sarah and me while we chatted, as he likes to do most nights when it’s quiet in the barn.  He usually just stands and watches us talk or demands for me to scratch his ears while we’re chatting, but he usually doesn’t get into things or cause trouble, which of course is why he is allowed to “hang out” with us!  Tonight he decided he wanted a cookie though, so without a second thought, he helped himself.  How he knew to open the door, or exactly where the cookies are in my cabinet is beyond me.  He sure seemed to know exactly what he was doing though! He wasn’t just messing around with stuff and accidentally found the cookies,  he was careful not to touch a thing besides the bag of cookies.

Makes you wonder just how smart they really are, doesn’t it?

One thought on “Cookie Monster

  1. So Liam and Jag are like Pinky and The Brain. One skillfully opens up cabinets and steals cookies, the other hits himself in the head with his toy.


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