Driving My Truck

Driving home from the barn tonight, I had an insight.  As I drove down a bumpy patch of road, my hand on the steering wheel was back and forth, back and forth, just to drive straight.  I noticed that as I’m driving, I make many many many small adjustments in the path of my truck, so small the driver behind me wouldn’t even notice them, instead of waiting until the truck is crossing the yellow line to steer hard and swerve back into my lane.  Subtle riding should be just like this.  You are so aware of your horse under you, you can make constant tiny adjustments and never have to make a “swerve” back to where you wanted to be.  Pay attention to the “aids” you give your vehicle next time you drive, and most you make without even being aware of it!  Then notice how often you aid your horse, every step a tiny adjustment? Or a huge swerve when everything completely falls apart?  See if you can’t make smaller, more frequent aids to improve your ride.

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