Another Show A Huge Success!

This past weekend Liam and I returned to Silverwood for another show.  This time I also brought my students Sarah and Kim, riding Jag (Jaguar Key) and Diamond (Ace of Diamonds).   It was Sarah’s first recognized show (having done a schooling show last year) with her ex-racer, and it was Kim’s first show ever… immediately following a week spent in Hong Kong, only to return home to the news that her horse Frankie couldn’t go to the show because he developed an abcess and that she would be taking our school horse, Diamond, instead.

All my goals and expectations were met and exceeded.  Everyone did awesome!  The horses were on their best behavior all weekend, and the riders’ hard work and preparation really showed! Our tack room proudly displayed 2 blues, 7 reds, 2 yellows, and a white!

Diamond was a little fresh on Saturday for Kim’s first rides.  He put in a good effort, but wasn’t as focused as we would have liked him to be.  By Sunday, he had settled in and gave Kim his full attention.  Kim walked away with a blue ribbon for her winning score of 65% on intro A on Sunday, as well as a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place ribbon for her other rides (all with very good scores in the upper fifty’s and lower sixty’s).

Jag is quite the show off.  He settled in almost immediately, and seemed to understand that the show was important.  He and Sarah were able to do short warm ups, conserving energy for both of them, since he went out there and got right to business.  They had beautiful rides (with the pictures and scores to prove it!) and walked away with a good ribbon stash, 3 2nd’s and a 3rd (and scores consistently in the 60’s).  One of the 2nd’s was a tie with the first place score, and just narrowly missed the blue on the collective scores.  It’s easy to see how this could have been a blue ribbon ride…

Liam, like Jag, understands that the show is the time to be on his best behavior.  His first ride was his best, and he gave it his all.  It was Training Test 4, a qualifying test, and I thought it felt wonderful.  The judge agreed, and we got a 68.4% for first place, and a qualifying score!  Each test after that he felt a little more tired, but he still gave me a great effort, and we took 2nd place in the 3 remaining tests, with a 67.8% on test 1, a 66% on test 4 on Sunday, and then a 65% on test 2.  I was pleased because my goal for this show was to keep him rounder and more consistent, especially in the canter, where he tends to get flat and want to run.  I felt like we achieved this, and our canters especially felt much improved!

Special thanks goes to our friend Brittany, who not only braided all 3 horses for us (and did a fantastic job I might add!!), but also hung around to help out all weekend.  She carried coats and water bottles, read tests, groomed, tacked… did anything that we needed help with.  The whole show definitely went smoother for us due to her help. We appreciate it!!

Here’s what happens when you take out those lovely braids…. I kinda like it!

Great job everyone!


11 thoughts on “Another Show A Huge Success!

  1. Super job – and a wahoooo from me too. Give Liam an apple from me.

    Love the pictures. Need to see one with Liam showing his ribbons.

  2. FANTASTIC job Christy!! It’s hard to imagine Liam’s condition back when you first got him. He’s turned into a beautiful horse and you’ve done an excellent job rehabing him and teaching him the ways of dressage. He deserves a peppermint and YOU deserve a nice glass of wine! Congratulations!

  3. Yee Haw! Great Job!

    Looks like you had a wonderful weekend at a beautiful location. You guys sure have come a long way! Keep up the good work.

  4. Good Job! im a horse back rider as well! i dont do dressage, but i do want to do show jumping! I’m currently preparing for a AQHA horse show i cant wait! Great Job!

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