The Update

I know it’s been a while, but it’s been busy at the farm!! Show season is here, and everyone is getting ready. 

Liam continues to progress and impress.  We rode in a clinic with Pam Goodrich two weekends ago, and he was on his best behavior.  We worked a ton on his canter, trying to get him more “uphill” to the right since he tends to want to dive down that direction, and then getting him off of his left shoulder when canter left, instead of leaning in.  There was marked improvement both directions by the end of the lesson, and some good take-home exercises for us to continue to work on.  All of his transitions (up and down) are balanced and easy now, and his lateral work has come a long way.  Today we began working on trot and canter lengthenings, which are the last movements we need to show first level this year.  The lengthenings do not come naturally to Liam, but he gave us a 100% effort try, and I was thrilled with what we were able to produce.  If the weather cooperates, we will be working on that out on the hills soon.

Jag continues to get stronger and more balanced.  He is steadier in the bridle now, and learning to balance himself correctly around corners and circles.  He takes half halts, and is beginning to come over his back in transitions.  His owner Sarah is thrilled to be riding him again, although his bumpy trot is surely making her appreciate Angel’s smooth jog.  The two are looking forward to the show ring this summer after successfully completing their first trail ride without incident.

Kim and Frankie have turned into quite a pair.  They have the walk, trot, canter basics down, and now are working on consistency.  Frankie has proven to be quite a character, full of ideas and tricks.  Kim, thankfully, has a sense of humor, and is quickly acquiring her own bag of tricks to combat Frankie’s.  Most recently, Kim’s “a little inside bend” maneuver has out-witted Frankie’s “Oh no the mounting block eats horses!” maneuver.  I love these two, they keep my days interesting.  And as I watch them continue to progress, I have high hopes for them in the show ring this summer.

Mary has also been progressing quite well in her lessons with Diamond, and I am hoping she will show him this year.  She only started riding last summer, but I’m afraid she has the bug.  She’s the one always willing to help clean tack or groom horses for a little extra barn time, and she seems to absorb all there is to learn effortlessly.  A natural rider and a very nice girl, we are glad to have her in the barn.  And Diamond appreciates the endless supply of apples and carrots. 

This has already gotten too long to go on about all the riders and horses, but as I look around at the end of a long day, I am filled with satisfaction.  Things are good.  Horses and riders alike are coming along day by day, learning and having fun.  There’s another clinic with Pam coming up in two weeks, then two weeks after that we will be heading off to a show.  Even if the updates come less frequently than they used to, I will keep you updated!


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