Spring Break

Well, everyone went on spring break last week… and kept me busy, busy, busy!!!

So, apologies for the lack of updates, but I was in the barn!  Everything is going well.  Jag has made great progress, keeping more consistant contact and building strength.  Liam continues to work on the exercises needed for this show season.  Kim and Frankie are just awesome, cruising along as they progress with a more consistent, free moving trot and building partnership in the canter (yes, Frankie, that means Kim’s the boss and you circle when she says circle…).  Mary and Diamond had a few break through moments as they discovered bending into the outside rein and trotting on the bit with real contact.  Sarah had a few great lessons on different horses while she  builds the skills to take over Jag’s training, and Kendra continues to get more confident cantering on Major.  Sue and Dara also took extra lessons to build on their skills, and Mary and Jeanie spent entire days helping around the barn. 

Really, this was the most fantastic spring break I could ask for (minus the accumulation of snow and lack of sunshine!!).  I’m so happy with all my equine and human students, and I’m so excited for the coming show season!  Thanks everyone!!

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