Project: Jag

The next month will be fun.  I get to ride an ottb named Jag everyday!  He is a sweet and handsome boy that has had a rough time lately.  After bouts of sore muscles and funky behavior under saddle, we have finally figured out he has kissing spines.  He had the last month off with only lunge work, some muscle relaxers and bute, a wonderful massage (that he loved!!), and then finally some injections into his spine by the withers (don’t ever watch this being done if you don’t like needles!!).  After the spine injections last week, he had a few days of lunging, then today it was back under saddle for a few days off light work… then we start putting this boy back together! This month’s goal: Back Muscles!! 

Day one went well, we walked lots on a long rein and Jag felt quite content.  We listened to music and chit-chatted as we walked.  Then we trotted a few laps each direction on a more or less loose rein.  I tried to stay real light on his back and resisted the urge to ask any more of him than a reasonably paced trot (he likes to FLY), and he went along on the forehand and with his head in the air, quite content.  Oh well, vet’s orders.  He seemed happy though, which is the big thing the next few days.  Now his back shouldn’t hurt anymore, but we have to make sure he figures out that it doesn’t hurt so that he doesn’t resist or act out in fear of pain that should no longer be there.  Today, he was totally cooperative and in good spirits. 

I’m really looking forward to working with Jag this month.  He is just gorgeous when he does stretch down into the bit (think long, elegant neck with plenty of muscle), he is capable of a nice, floaty trot, and he has a mind that most ottb owners would envy… totally cool, calm, and collected, despite his relative lack of training.  He is a classy horse, and I have high hopes for him and his owner, Sarah (who has been working hard and looking good herself  lately on Angel).


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