Another Day in Paradise

This may be the most boring video you ever watched since I just set the camera down on the mounting block and let it record for half an hour, but if you are interested in what really happens when we train daily, here it is… uncut and unedited.  The first 10 minutes or so we are just walking around, stretching and warming up.  There are a few leg yields, quarter line to rail. Then we trot, in a low stretchy sorta frame for a few minutes before starting to put it together a little more.  If you make it through that first half of the video, either you know me personally or you are a true dressage enthusiast who has patience and a desire to learn! 

After that, we get to work, some canter, counter canter, and trot leg yields.  Throughout, my trainer entertains on her upper level horse.  This was our first ride in the outdoor arena this spring, and I am thrilled that Liam was as quiet and well-behaved as he was, hopefully this is a sign of what I can expect (hope for?) this spring in the show ring! 

One thought on “Another Day in Paradise

  1. I will admit to skipping around, but my favourite bit was when your trainer could not help but train you for awhile. My trainer is like that as well :). I really like that counter-canter exercise, maybe it’s time to use it again in my own rides!

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