An Equitouch Treat

Today Liam got a special treat.  Equitouch massage therapist Susan Paladino came to work on 10 horses in the barn, and Liam got to be one of them.

At first, he wasn’t so sure who this lady was.  She poked at his neck and back, and he did his usual ear pinning and tail swishing.  Then he watched carefully as she made some notes.

Then she began to work on him, and at first he wasn’t so sure about this.

But, maybe it wasn’t really SO bad…

Actually, in a weird way, it kinda felt good!

Hmmm, ok, maybe I’ll let you do just a little more.

Yes, that does feel much better on my back now!

Oh yeah, that’s a good spot. 

Here, let me help! I’m really getting into this!

Oh my neck feels great now! BIG stretch!

Ok, here, work on my neck again.

Actually, do whatever you want.  I trust you now.

And so Liam the horse that hates to be touched actually enjoyed his massage.  We went for a very short ride afterwards and he felt much looser and freer from the very beginning.  He also seemed more relaxed and more comfortable, no stiffness or tension anywhere in his body.  It was great!

Susan was great with all the horses, and especially quiet and patient with the ones who were sore and didn’t want to be touched.  She will be coming back to work on Liam again for sure!

If you want more information on Equitouch Massage, her website is  She is Liam Approved!


2 thoughts on “An Equitouch Treat

  1. I love watching their eyes “soften” up with the massage therapist, or chiropractor. The ride afterward is great as well!

  2. Hi Christy,
    Wow, what a wonderful photo opt for Liam with Susan. Great publicity for a great therapist and all shots taken when YOU were feeling poorly. So nice of you to feature Susan on your blog. Hope she gets some more clients . . . but not TOO many!!
    Good Job,
    Peg and Tempe (Susan’s client, too)

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