Two By Four

Today was hard.  Liam the sweet and willing morphed into his evil twin, Liam-the-horse-with-a-two-by-four-neck.  Trying to bend the two by four neck is like trying to bend a piece of wood.  Impossible.  He won’t flex left, and he won’t look right.  His head will go up or down, will yank me forward out of the saddle, or will fling up in the air in protest when I try to turn.  But it will. not. bend. Period.

So we changed from our original agenda of continuing to practice our new wonderful canter and our little leg yields, to hoping and praying he would just bend left and right ever so briefly so we could quit on a good note.    I guess all horses have their little thing, and for the most part he is so easy going and willing, but once a month or so he just locks up his neck.  And once we begin the who’s more stubborn contest, it just gets ugly.  Liam is totally more stubborn than I am.  But my trainer is more stubborn than he is.  So I get caught in the middle.  I trust my trainer completely, and know she is right, so I just sit there, quiet on his back, gentle tension on the rein, patiently waiting for him to give. 

But it was a long stalemate today, as he stood there quietly, patiently waiting for me to give.  And we stood, and stood, and stood.  Lucky for me it was a warm day (upper 50’s, unheard of in Chicago in Febuary!), and I was quite comfortable.  Unfortunately for Liam, he is still wearing his winter coat.  In the end, he gave, but only after he had himself lathered sweaty from standing still and pulling against the reins.  I don’t know why he does this some days.  But it’s no fun having those stand-off’s.  I want him to enjoy my company as much as I enjoy his, and I want us to be a harmonious partnership.  But I suppose no relationship is without the occasional disagreement.  Oh well. Tomorrow’s another day.

This picture is from the end of last week.  My brother gave me a new camera this weekend (Thanks Robby!!) so I should have more (better) pictures coming soon!! But I’m so happy with how far he has come and how well he is doing, disagreements aside…


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