Trading Horses

One of the best parts about my barn is the community.  It is a great group of people who support and encourage each other, work together and help each other out.  Tonight was a great example

Sarah was having a lesson on her thoroughbred, Jag.  We were trying to work on changing her diagonal by standing 2 beats, which is a great exercise for balance and timing, and checking that your body alignment is correct.  If you try to do it while slightly ahead or behind your horse’s movement, you find yourself falling forward or back as you try to stand the extra beat and resuming posting.  It is also a nice way to free up the horse’s back for those two strides.  Jag, however, was feeling good and giving Sarah his quick, bouncy trot.  He was being a good boy and not doing anything stupid, but when he gets clocking along like that it is a very rough ride, and she was having a hard time figuring out the timing of standing 2 beats and resuming posting on the other diagonal.

While Sarah and I were working on that, Kim was riding her mare Angel, who tends to live up to her name on a daily basis.  They had trotted around some and worked on what they needed to work on (Kim’s homework this week was to carry a whip in her left hand so she becomes more ambidextrous), so I asked Kim if Sarah could have a few minutes on Angel and she was more than happy to share. 

As we began to swap tack around, I got an idea.  Jag had energy to burn and could use some time on the lunge line, and he is a very well behaved horse on the lunge… and Kim could use some practice lunging so that she could  add that in to her horse Penguin’s regimen.  I asked Sarah if she would mind sharing Jag with Kim and she happily agreed.

It worked out perfectly.  Sarah loved Angel’s easy trot, and quickly got the exercise we had been working on.   Kim picked up a few tips about lunging and got some good practice in, and Jag really benefited from the time to burn some energy.  Angel… well I’m sure Angel got a cookie afterwards, because she once again lived up to her name.


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