Videos From My Lesson

This past week was awesome, so many of my students had the week off from school or work that I had helpers almost every day!  It helps so much to have an extra set of hands around to help groom and tack horses, clean bridles, and roll up polo wraps.  And it’s fun to have company, and get to show them what I do all day! An additional unexpected benefit on Friday was video footage of my lesson done by Sarah.  It’s so fun to get to see what Liam and I look like, and to compare it to past videos and see the progress.

Here’s the warm up trotting:

Little trot-normal trot:

A trot leg-yield and the little trot-normal trot exercise:

Little trot and canter:

Continuation of the last one:

And it gets harder, on a smaller circle… we’re reaching the limits of what Liam’s been doing here:

Last one, rocking the canter back with half halts:

Then we started over again the other direction (which is usually easier for Liam and me), but we were getting tired by then and Sarah was frozen so that’s the end of the lesson video for today.  Thanks Sarah!!


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