Kim Gets It

Lately Kim has been enjoying riding Diamond in her lessons.  And Diamond has been enjoying Kim’s plentiful offerings of assorted treats after the lessons.  They make a pretty good team.

Kim has been working on getting Diamond to carry the bit softly, round over his back, moving along in balance, and responding to her seat.  It’s been exciting to watch their last few rides as things started coming together.  At first, they would have moments, then they would have a few strides.  Now in their last lesson, they have stretches where Diamond is soft and on the bit and Kim is able to do transitions with her seat, keeping him on the bit through the transitions! 

I love to see when my students make sudden leaps in their progress.  We will work on different skills and it’s hard work for them, both physically and mentally.  And I feel like I am a constant stream of instructions and corrections.  Then all of the sudden there’s an Ah-ha! moment and the pieces start falling into place.  This was Kim in her last lesson.  She “got the feel” and began putting all the exercises together.  She figured out how to get him where she wanted him, how to hold it when he got there, and then get it back when she lost it.   All the bending and counter-bending, flex left and flex right, stop and go exercises taught her the tools she needed.  Her seat is getting more effective at giving aids, and she is able to make subtle changes to keep Diamond where she wants him.  The over all picture is lovely, the two working smoothly together as a team.   Patience and persistence really pay off!


2 thoughts on “Kim Gets It

  1. Wow! Thank you so much for your comments on my progress. Your patience and persistence is, has been huge in my progress. Thank you. I love Diamond and he makes it a pleasure to learn.

    I look forward to more of your patiene and persistence in the coming months and new year, as we see how far Penguin and I can go.!


  2. I love to hear stories like this because I am going through a similar struggle and process (being a “re-rider” after over 20 years of no riding or horse contact). I find it very inspiring and encouraging. Thanks for sharing!

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