The Missing Halter

I always leave Liam’s halter hanging on the fence post by the gate when I put him out in the afternoon.  Every morning it is Antonio’s job to bring Liam into the barn for breakfast since Liam spends the night out in the pasture. Lately, it’s been so cold at night that Antonio has had trouble getting Liam’s halter on in the morning because it’s been frozen, so he asked if we could leave it on Liam at night.  I don’t usually like Liam to wear it all the time because he gets rubs on his face from it, but since Liam has a break away halter with a leather top I figured it wouldn’t be a problem for the winter.  I had already turned him out though when Antonio asked.  He said it was no big deal, when he brought the grain out in the evening Liam would come over to eat and he would put it on then.  Perfect!

Well, the next morning Liam was in his stall, and his lead rope was hanging on his stall, but his halter was not there.  Antonio immediately apologized profusely.  He had put the halter on, but the horses must have broken it because it was no where to be found.  He had looked in the snow, but couldn’t find it. He promised to go walk the pasture later, it had to be buried in the snow somewhere. I told him not to worry, I’d get Liam a new one and the old one would turn up when the snow melted. And in the meantime, he could share with Diamond anyway.  But Antonio felt horrible that the halter had been lost.

Well, imagine my surprise when my very confused student went to bring in Diamond, sure she had the right horse, only to find that Diamond was wearing a halter that didn’t belong to him!  Sure enough, it was Liam’s halter!  Antonio had mixed up the two horses when he put the halter on, and Diamond had been wearing it the whole time!!  The look on Antonio’s face when I told him was priceless 🙂

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