Sue Says….

“This is hard work!!”

She has been grooming Diamond for 15 minutes, currying caked mud off his neck, after a long hike out in the field just to get him.  Now Sue is picking his hooves, which thankfully aren’t too dirty today.

Finally she is done with the hooves, and ready to tack up.  She has learned to do all this herself since September when she began riding with me.  She first puts the saddle pad on his back, then places the saddle on top of it.  The girth goes under his belly to hold the saddle on.  Then the bit goes in his mouth, the crown piece of the bridle goes over his ears, and the throat latch and nose band get buckled.  I think Sue would agree, this process is one of those “easier said than done” things.

After Diamond is all tacked up, Sue rides.  Her riding has come a long way in a short time as well.  I am impressed as I watch Diamond give her an unusual burst of energy as he begins to trot, and she quickly learns how to maintain the trot she wants instead of excepting his too fast trot.  She uses her body carefully, slowing down her posting and keeping her shoulders up and back, while being careful to keep her heels down a touch and out of his sides.   It works, and she quickly has Diamond trotting just how she wants him to.  He’s ready to work and we take advantage of it, trotting lots of circles, working on transitions, and making him bend through corners.

She has another great lesson, all the hard work paying off as we think about the progress she’s made.

Smile if you like horses Sue!


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