Look Closely

I’ve never known someone before that had two horses that looked as similar as Diamond and Liam.  Now I know why.  Every time I bring one of them in the barn, I get asked which horse it is!  And if I send someone to get one of them for me, I have to try to remember what blanket each was wearing that day.  It’s causing a lot of confusion. 

Liam and Diamond are both chestnuts with small stars and no white on their legs. They share clothes so it doesn’t even help to know which one wears what color blanket.  They go out in the same field together, and both play in the mud.  I ride both of them, and they both teach some lessons.  So how do you tell them apart???

Here’s Liam out in the field:


And here’s Diamond:

And here’s the two (Liam saying “That’s MY mom Diamond, stay away!”… he doesn’t like when I bring in any other horses so he chases Diamond away from me, but they get along when I’m not picking one!)

If you look closely, you will see that Liam is an inch or two taller and has a lighter build.  He is a thoroughbred, and Diamond is a quarter horse. Diamond’s star is bigger than Liam’s, and it’s diamond shaped.  Liam’s star is shaped like a “C”.  Diamond has a longer, thicker tail.  Diamond has a wider chest, and thicker muscles.  Liam has longer legs and a smaller muzzle.  Hopefully that helps clear up some of the confusion!


One thought on “Look Closely

  1. Thanks for the great info about Liam vs. Diamond! I think I could actually tell them apart now. It was fun to go and get the ponies in the field before my lesson on Wednesday. It was also great to learn how to stop without any voice prompting and slow down Diamond’s trot to MY speed.

    Thanks for a wonderful lesson!

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