Diamond – A Girl’s Best Friend

This weekend Diamond gets the spotlight.  He did a spectacular lesson on Saturday for Kim.  She had him working beautifully, learning how to keep him round and softly on the bit.  They did leg yields and worked on bending and counterbending.  It was great to see Kim picking these things up as quickly as she did, and boy did Diamond look good going around with her!  Then today he was once again right on the money. Jeanie rode him and got some very nice leg yields our of him as we warmed up, then she did some good trot work and then it was on the lunge for a canter lesson.  Diamond was in a fully cooperative mood and didn’t give either of us any hassle about picking up the canter promptly and on the correct lead, then he carried her around and around until she whispered “whoa” as her muscles turned to jelly.  He let her rest a minute or two, then perked back up ready to go again saying, “Ok, Jeanie, you had your break, lets get back to work! I gotta teach you to canter today!” and off they went again.  It was great to see Diamond feeling so good and taking so much pride in his job, and it was also great to see how much Jeanie’s seat is improving!  Yay for awesome school horses like Diamond!

Liam also deserves a brief mention as I take pride in school horses… on Saturday he taught his first lesson at Flying Dutchman! Dara rode him first thing in the morning, and he was a total gentleman! She is a very quiet rider and Liam appreciated her patience and attention to detail.  She was able to walk him on the bit, then she learned to leg yield him on straight lines and on circles.  She really liked how responsive he was at the trot as well. I was very proud of both of them!  It’s great to see how far Liam has come, and now he is able to teach new riders things that he didn’t even know a year ago.

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