Pictures Finally!

I haven’t posted pictures in a while, so today I brought the camera to the barn for your long awaited photo update.  The day started with a few lessons.  Annabelle rode Major for the first time, and did great with him!  His short legs make for a much different ride than Diamond, but Annabelle figured it out right away and rode his quick trot effortlessly.

Jeannie rode Diamond tonight, but gave Major a big hug anyways.

While Jeannie and Annabelle rode, Mary was huge help.  She cleaned and organized my tack trunks, and then she got Liam groomed for me… and he was dirty!  When the lessons were over, I rode Liam.  He was great, we worked on the same stuff as the last few days and it continues to get easier and easier.  After I rode him, Mary got on him for a few minutes.  She did really well with him, and he was a perfect gentleman for her! Then he got an apple for his good behavior, which he thought was a pretty good deal.  Here he is with his new friend Mary.

It was a good day at the barn.  I feel privileged to have such great students and great horses to work with, it makes all my hard work worthwhile to see them do as well as they do!

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