Much Better

Gotta keep it short tonight, worked another 13 hour day and I’m exhausted! But today Liam and I did the same leg-yield exercises as yesterday, and mixing it up seems to have done the trick.  He was awesome!  Then we worked the canter-trot-canter transitions, keeping him collected and on the bit and bending through the transitions.  He is getting much better, and as he gets stronger he is able to do better transitions.  Now I feel that he is trying and understanding what I am asking of him and that he is giving me as much as he is capable of.  As he gets stronger he will be able to improve of course, but I am thrilled with what he is giving me.  He is staying nicely round, and not falling on the forehand or getting quick in either the upward or downward transitions, and they are prompt and smooth.  Good boy today!


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