Liam Report

After a 3 day weekend, it was back to work for Liam.  I had plenty of pony power with the drop in the temperature, but I am pleased to report that he didn’t get goofy or stupid even though he was a little more forward than usual.  Staying outside in the field overnight has not only helped him stay sounder, but also much saner.  We worked on big trot – little trot transitions, asking him to hold the more collected trot for a few strides before trotting on again. Then we did some canter work, and he gave me lovely transitions today.  Then we went back to trot work and did sitting trot (more for my benefit than his I’m sure) and leg yields, from the quarter lines and center lines back to the rail.  Some were crooked still, shoulders leading, but other times we did them nice and straight! That is good progress for us.

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