Recommending Equestrian Education

I’m reading Equestrian Education by Jill Hassler-Scoop and Kathy Kelly, Ph.D.  I’m about half way through it so far, and I love it!  I picked it up because it’s on the reading list for the USDF instructor certification and because it looked like an interesting read regarding teaching riding instead of just another book about riding itself.  I’ve not been disappointed with the sections on professional development and working with different types of students, but the sections on riding theory are excellent as well.  For most riders, sections of this book would not apply (like the section on burn out in trainers), but I think many parts of it would still be a very worth while read.  The explanations of many difficult concepts are worded very well.  Definitions of “Forward”, “Half Halt”, and “Round” are simple without leaving out important stuff.  Many of the exercises suggested to teach riders different concepts could be used by riders to test their own understanding and mastery of the concepts as well.  So far, I give this one two thumbs up!


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