Lessons Begin!

It’s a cold, rainy day.  Later, the rain is supposed to turn to snow.  Liam and Diamond stand side by side near the pasture gate as I walk over, a matched pair watching me approach, wondering which one is going inside.  Today, both are.  It’s my first day teaching lessons at the new farm, and today I have two riders.  One will ride Diamond, and the other will ride a small pony that lives at the farm.  Liam is not going to teach lessons quite yet.  He’s been working hard enough giving me lessons everyday that I try to give him a day off over the weekend.  And yesterday he had fall shots so it’s a good day for him to take it easy.  But I wanted to bring him in, thinking maybe I’d have a chance to hop on him for a few minutes in between lessons.  It didn’t work out that way, but at least I got to spend a little time with him. 

The lessons went well.  Both riders did a great job, depsite the dreary weather, the new location, and a slightly different routine.  Kim worked Diamond over a row of poles, first set closer together then spread out a little more.  She is learning to adjust the trot stride and stay with the bigger movement, and by the end of the lesson she had a huge trot going quite comfortably!  Jeanie rode Major, and they are just the cutest pair in the world.  He is a fancy 12.2 hand chestnut with four high white stockings, a big blaze, and flaxen mane and tail.  Jeanie is 9, and the perfect size for this particular riding partner.  The two worked on leg yields while we warmed up at the walk, then we worked on walk-trot transitions, and then transitions within the trot switching between a slower trot for sitting to a bigger trot for posting and back again.  Then we did a little cantering, and for her second time cantering she sure looked like a pro!  She is quickly earning the Velcro-Butt title.


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