Lots of Shots

This whole week has been a deviation from the regular schedule.  Today was no different.  Only one horse got worked this morning, then the vet showed up to do teeth, sheaths, dewormers, and shots.  She had an assistant with her, but word had gotten around that I hadn’t done IV injections before.  So Dr. Nicky became Professor Nicky and I learned to give shots!

I had heard the warnings, all the bad things that could happen if an injection was done incorrectly.  If you miss the vein and stick the needle in the artery instead, whatever is in needle will go to the horse’s brain instead of the heart, and the horse could die instantly.  I watched a horse have a seizure after being given an injection about a year ago, I don’t know if it was from the injection itself or if he just had a bad reaction to the medication, but it was very scary to see!  But Dr. Nicky assured me that if I learned how to do it correctly, it was no big deal.  And further, it is important to know how to do because in an emergency an injection given quickly can save a horse’s life.

Luckily, my sweet Liam was a willing pin cushion for me, and after he had his real shot, I gave him a few doses of saline.  It went well!  Then I got to try on my trainer’s horses too.  I did about a dozen, and feel pretty confident now that if I had to do it in an emergency I could.   Thanks Dr. Nicky!!


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