The Long Over Due Update

So much has happened. I can’t believe it’s November already.  Where did the summer go?  The leaves are changing colors and quickly disappearing from the trees, Liam’s coat is getting thicker, and now he stands in his field with a brother that could pass for his twin, both waiting while I scurry around moving my things and informing my students that I now work out of a new location.  How did we get here?

Since summer, I worked in 2 barns.  Around 7:30 I went to barn 1 where Liam lives and I work as a working student for a grand prix trainer.  I groom and tack horses for her to ride, untack them and put them away.  I clean all the tack, and ride other horses myself, including a lesson on Liam everyday.  Then between 2 and 3 I head over to barn 2 where I was living.  I would grad some lunch and sit down for a few minutes, often just minutes before I collapsed from exhaustion.  Then I would head back out and teach lessons until 6 or 7, and then start riding horses again.

Now life is getting a little simpler.  I have all my lessons at barn 1, and soon all my training horses will be there.  I’m hoping I will be able to get all my riding done before lessons start so my day can end at 6 or 7 instead of 8:30 or 9.  Yesterday I moved all my things out of barn 2, and now I am unpacking and preparing for my new adventure.  All my students have been wonderfully patient with me through this transition, and the horses have appreciated a few days off. But it’s back to the schedule soon!

Liam has begun First Level work, starting some leg yielding at the trot and beginning to collect the trot a little more. His canter continues to improve and become more adjustable. He is taking half halts at the canter, and is beginning to stay round and on the bit in the transtions both into and out of the canter.  He is becoming more and more fun to ride everyday, I couldn’t be happier with his progress!

One thought on “The Long Over Due Update

  1. I’m excited about moving over to “Barn 1” with you, Christy, and most of all, hope that we’ll be able to catch a few evening rides together every now and then. I really miss those rides! And I’m looking forward to seeing my buddy Liam regularly, too. Is it weird to miss a friend’s horse?


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