Liam’s Little Brother

Things have been going well.  Liam is making great progress and is getting much stronger.  He is learning to maintain a 3 beat canter without hanging on the reins and is able to go longer and longer each day.  He has gotten much more rhythmic and consistent as well, especially in his trot work.

Here’s a sample of our recent ride:

Walk/Trot Transitions:

Some canter work:

Some trot work with a little bit of leg yielding:

At home, there is a litter of kittens in the barn, and one chubby little grey one really wants to be Liam’s little brother!

He is just over 3 weeks old now, and still lives with his mother and 5 brothers and sister in a box in the barn office.  They are sweet and fluffy, and very friendly from all the handling they get!  Stop by and meet them, and let me know if you have any suggestions for a name!!


5 thoughts on “Liam’s Little Brother

  1. The kitty is adorable! I have never been to the farm, where are you located, what’s is called now and when are you open to the public?

  2. Liam – (LEE-am) “resolute protector, unwavering protector.”

    Irish Names:
    Evin, Cisby, Ardan, Logan, Miles, Aedan or even Elim

    Ahern – “lord of the horses.”
    Banning – “fair and small.”
    Brady – “spirited.”
    Bram – Irish form of Abraham
    Eachan – “horseman.”
    Eochaid – (OH-kad) Old Irish=ech “horse.” May mean “horse rider.” Real and legendary kings bore this name, horses were symbols of kingship and nobility in early Irish culture
    Raegan – “little king.” Reagan, Reegen, Regan.

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